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19th June 2019
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Dublin Swift, Irish Ferries

HSC Dublin Swift is a high-speed catamaran built in 2001 by Austal Ltd. of Henderson, Western Australia as a Maritime Prepositioning ship. The vessel was charted to the United States Marine Corps Military Sealift Command, until January 2018 as Westpac Express. Irish Continental Group bought the ship in 2016.


Madden Marine's Approach

Can we convert an American troop carrier into a passenger ferry? Of course we can! With only seven weeks to completely strip out the passenger accommodation and transform the Westpac Express into the new fast craft passenger ferry, the new ‘Dublin Swift’. Madden Marine delivered once again. A great challenge for our dedicated team; from our design and management to our skilled workforce, they ensured that everything was completed to the highest standard and to the necessary marine approvals.

Work Carried Out

Included in the refit was the manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art restaurants, bars and the cosy Club Class Lounge with its dedicated island bar. Design and installation of the toilet areas. An American style diner was a nice touch at the aft end which looks out to the wake as the ship powers along at almost 30 knots. New seating, tables, decorative floor and wall coverings, new deck head panelling was all part of the conversion.

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