Stena Line Superfast VIII – Plus Lounge

Stena Line Adventurer – Hygge Lounge
25th June 2019
Stena Line Superfast VII – Metropolitan Lounge Bar
19th June 2019

Superfast VIII, Stena Line

MS Stena Superfast VIII is a fast Ro-Pax ferry owned and operated by Stena Line between Belfast and Cairnryan. The ship was built in 2001 by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft, Kiel, Germany for Attica Group's subsidiary Superfast Ferries. She was sold to her current owners in 2017.



Madden Marine's Approach

We started this project with the ambition that Stena Line guests would walk into the lounge and think, ‘this is luxury, this is comfort.’ We achieved this by pouring our artistry into each detail. We rearranged the entire composition of the lounge to maximise space and highlight a soft, alluring atmosphere.

Work Carried Out

We wove in homely design elements such as a visually striking feature wall and expertly crafted tables with individual charging outlets. Together with a range of beautifully finished seating, this gave Stena Line the comfort and convenience their passengers have come to expect.


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